27" Fisher & Paykel WashSmart 22Ib Steel Lid Top Load Washer - WA3927G1

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WashSmart 22Ib uses SmartDrive™ technology and our flexible finned agitator to deliver ultimate load sensing and clothes care. With its 22Ib capacity, it will wash all your family’s washing quickly and efficiently.

What is SmartDrive™?

SmartDrive™ Technology

  • It takes a lot of brainpower to make things really simple. That, in a sentence, is the essence of SmartDrive™. Traditional washing machines are made up of many moving parts. Their complexity also means there's a lot that can go wrong with them. Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ machines are made of just three main parts: a small computer, a flexible agitator, and a simple direct-drive motor. This means washing machines that can sense each load, use less water and run with less moving parts.

SmartTouch™ Controls

  • The SmartTouch™ Control Panel is the interface to SmartDrive™ Technology. With 6 wash cycles including Regular, Heavy, Delicate, Easy Iron, Allergy and Quick it takes care of all your washing needs at the touch of a button.

22 lb Capacity

  • The large 22 lb capacity means you save time and money, requiring fewer loads to wash your weeks laundry. Infinite water level sensing makes this washer very efficient with both small and large loads. The big basket will easily wash bulky items like comforters and blankets.

Eco-Active™ Wash

  • Eco-Active™ boosts soil removal while saving energy. Its unique pumping technology re-circulates water and detergent through the clothes in a cascade like pattern. This rapidly removes stains and dirt and is proven to be more effective at killing bacteria. The Eco-Active™ wash saves energy, but best of all it achieves a better clean.

Robust Construction

  • We know washing machines work hard and can really take a battering. WashSmart has been designed with a long life in mind. The combination of quality controls, powder coated metal lid, stainless steel wash basket and formed cabinet and base plate means WashSmart delivers better usability and durability as well as quiet and vibration-free operation.

Flexible Finned Agitator

  • Fisher & Paykel's flexible finned agitators ensure less tangling and provide great clothes care.


Other Features

  • Adjustable alert beeps
  • Auto out of balance correction
  • Auto-lint disposal
  • Controlled cold function 68°F (20°C)
  • Controlled temperature mixing chamber
  • Delay start (hours)-1, 3, 9
  • Display screen incl. time remaining
  • Eco - water saver cycle
  • Eco-Active™ wash
  • Fabric softener dispenser
  • Rinse options-5
  • Soak option
  • Soft close metal lid
  • Spin hold option
  • Stainless steel basket
  • Wash temperature controls-5
  • Water levels (manual)-5

System Features

  • 3 spin speeds 330, 670, 1100 rpm
  • Agitator actions-unlimited
  • Auto water level
  • Capacitive Touch Control Panel
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Eco-Active™ wash
  • Lid lock
  • Load sensing

Wash Cycles

  • Cycles-6
  • Regular
  • Heavy
  • Delicate
  • Easy Iron
  • Allergy
  • Quick


  • 22 Ib
  • Max Spin Speed (rpm)-1100


Consumption Data
Energy usage (kWh/year) 147
MEF (Modifed Energy Factor) 1.69
Water factor 6.2
Depth 28inches
Height (lid open) 57inches
Height to highest point on console 43inches
Width 27 inches

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