Important Dryer Maintenance

Lint buildup in your dryer and venting doesn't just impact your dryers performance - it's a serious fire hazard. Lint is highly combustable, and when you combine a flammable substance with a heat source, bad things can happen. Tens of thousands of house fires every year are attributed to dryer lint.

If you have noticed that your laundry is taking longer to dry, your dryer is feeling hot to the touch, or you notice a burning smell in your laundry room, you should immediately check your dryer venting from the back of the dryer all the way to the wall cap outside of your house.

New HE Top Loading washers - Not Your Mother's Old Washer

Top loading washers are what most people envision when they think about washing machines. An old workhorse in the basement, with an agitator to thoroughly beat the grass stains and mud out of your little league uniform.

While traditional top loading washers were known for their dependability and predictability, they used a staggering amount of water and energy. At about 40 gallons of water per load, these machines no longer meet the governments requirements for water and energy use.

Why does my washer smell?

One of the most common concerns that we hear from people in regards to their washing machines is odour. We generally hear this in regards to front loading washers, especially if the door is left closed when the machine isn't in use.

A musty, sour, organic smell coming from your washing machine can be frustrating, but it does not indicate any kind of fault with the appliance. The smell can be easily prevented, with regular cleaning/maintenance, and proper detergent use.

The Dirt On Clean Dishes

Few things are more frustrating than opening your dishwasher only to find that your "clean" dishes are chalky, cloudy, or still have food residue stuck on them. There are several factors that affect the washing results of your dishwasher. Try these suggestions for cleaner dishes tonight!

Your dishwasher needs to be clean to clean well. Check inside your dishwasher for food soils and residue that may be impacting its performance. If your dishwasher has a filter system, make sure that you are taking it apart regularly and emptying it out.

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