66" Vent-A-Hood Designer Series Wall Mounted Hood - JPH466C2SS

Category : Ventilation


Pyramid with offset lip styling. Click on the models for a list of our base model numbers for standard sizes; simply select the model you need. This model is available in stainless steel with standard mirror stainless trim. All Vent-A-Hood Magic Lung products are suitable for use in damp locations (outdoor applications such as a covered patio) when installed in a GFCI protected branch circuit. Recommended mounting height is 30" above the cooking surface.

+ This model is equipped with LED lighting: (2 lights: 30" - 41", 3 lights: 42" - 53", 4 lights: 54" - 66"). 
$ Because the Magic Lung® blower uses centrifugal filtration rather than conventional baffle or mesh filters, the Magic Lung® blower can handle cooking equipment with higher cubic feet per minute (CFM) requirements and can deliver equivalent CFM much more efficiently than other filtration systems. When comparing the Magic Lung® with other blower units made by other manufacturers, use the "Equivalent CFM". 
# Ratings in accordance with the Standard Test Code by the Energy Systems Laboratory of the Texas Engineering Experiment Station.

WIDTH :66"
DEPTH : 24"
HEIGHT : 30"
CFM :1200
SONES :6.6
Amps :7.5
Num. Lights :4

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