24" Jenn-Air 1.3 Cu. Ft. Noir Steam Oven - JJW6024HM

24" Jenn-Air 1.3 Cu. Ft. Noir Steam Oven - JJW6024HM

24" Jenn-Air 2.6 Cu. Ft. Rise Steam Oven - JJW6024HL


Up for anything. Whether you want steam, convection, or both, at 60cm wide and requiring only a 120-volt connection and no plumbing, these ovens can be installed throughout the home. Let your imagination run wild.

Top 3 Features

Emotive Controls

Think less. Experience more. Inviting controls wait expectantly for the lightest touch to unleash performance and a full-color, guided cooking experience.


Up for anything. Whether you want steam, convection, or both, at 60cm wide and requiring only a 120-volt connection and no plumbing, these ovens can be installed throughout the home. Let your imagination run wild.

1.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity

Explore your options. There's room for whatever you're craving.

Additional Features

Roasting Rack

Hot air steadily wraps around delicacies roasting on a sturdy wire rack.

Steam Tray

Flavor unleashed. A perforated pan envelopes dishes with steam to naturally bring out the flavor of consistently-cooked fish, vegetables and more.

Baking/Drip Tray

On top of the rack or below. When it comes to baking or easy cleanup, this pan can get on the level you need it.

3.5-Inch Full-Color LCD Display

The full-color LCD touchscreen is compact and packed with dynamic features that allow you to navigate effortlessly through settings and JennAir Assisted Cooking.

Stainless Steel Interior

Wrapped in luminous steel, intrinsic beauty is reflected in every corner.

Stealth Flush Design

Create an unbroken silhouette. Discreet ?" reveals envelop every side, as dark interiors and glass expanses pull you in.

JennAir Assisted Cooking

Take your pick. With 72 different pre-set oven modes and 7 speciality settings, you can create a wide variety of dishes minus the guesswork - using steam, convection, or both.

Language Setting

Cook in your native tongue. Select English, French, Spanish or Mandarin as your oven's display language.


Save your favorite cycles to use quickly at your will.

True Convection

The power of convection, turned up. An extra element brings even baking to the most irresistible bites. Release some steam to thrill your appetite even more with every roast, broil or bake.

Steam Generator

Whether you want to heat things up quickly or let off just the right amount of steam, this generator allows you to switch things up.

Water Reservoir

Easy-to-fill. Easy-to-remove. Smoothly keep your oven's steam generator brimming with water.

Temperature Probe

No watching and waiting. With precise temperature readings, only experience the feeling of anticipation that comes with an evenly cooked fine dining experience finished to your predilection.

Steam Plus Convection Mode

Come together. Use both steam and convection all at once for food that's tender inside and roasted or crisped outside.

Convection Bake Mode

Cookies, scones, muffins, souffls, meringues and more. Whatever you crave, get even, golden-brown results that gratify every time.

Steam Mode

Customize down to the exact percentage of steam, retaining nutrients and harnessing recipes to your will. Insert dishes one, two, three at a time  flavors don't mingle here.

Steam Defrost Mode

Mouth-watering meals commence. Defrost frozen food gently and evenly.

Steam Reheat Mode

Taste revived. Coax moist and delicious flavors out of your chilled or room-temperature foods without drying them out.

Proofing Mode

Tame the temperamental. Low, consistent heat protects dough from temperature swings for an even, more rapid rise than at room temperature.

Yogurt Mode

Try your hand at making rich, velvety homemade yogurt.

Recently-Used Option

Put your preferences on full display. Find your 10 last used oven settings, right on the LCD touchscreen.

Steam Cleaning Mode

Come clean. Revive your oven's interior with a mode that makes spills easy to wipe away.

Drain Mode

Lose the excess. Free the boiler of residual water for optimal cooking performance.

Descale Mode

Don't let things build up. Descale Mode helps reduce limescale deposits in the boiler and water lines.

Remote Access

Preheat. Check cooking status. Personalize settings. Connect to WiFi for real-time notifications and control your appliance from anywhere.

Culinary Intelligence

You'll indulge in culinary adventures tailored precisely to your preferences with step-by-step recipes, timers and more.3 Look and learn your way to unforgettable dishes.

On-Demand Experts

Connect with the JennAir Epicenter through chat, email, or call to tap into the brilliant minds of experts who know JennAir appliances inside and out. Receive diagnostic codes on the app and they'll deploy service targeted to your wall oven's best interest.

27" and 30" Trim Kits

Symmetry achieved. Trim kits give this 24" oven the proportions it needs to equal a 27" or 30" oven for an uninterrupted look.

Flexible Installation

Make your move. With only a 120-volt connection required and an easy-to-fill water reservoir, this oven transcends the confines of the kitchen to go just about anywhere in your home.

Badasses at the Ready

Our crew relentlessly engages with JennAir appliances day in, day out. Initiated in rigorous product, process and culinary training, this team answers to you from sales to installation to ownership.

Serviced by a Select Few

We narrowed down our dedicated network to only the most experienced providers. Armed with extensive access to products and knowledge, their expertise is unmatched.

Configuration and Overview
Oven TypeSingle
Fuel TypeElectric
Oven Cooking SystemConvection
Star K CompliantKosher Consumer Friendly
Oven Features
Hidden Bake ElementNo
Convection Element TypeTrue
Convection Element Power1200
Number of Oven Lights1
Interior CoatingStainless Steel
Oven Rack 1 TypeStandard
Oven Rack 2 TypeBaking Tray
Oven Rack 3 TypeSteam Tray
Light TypeHalogen
Light(s) ControlOven Light Touch Pad
Self-Cleaning Oven RacksYes
Oven Controls
Display ColorFull Color
Language ConversionEnglish/French
LP ConvertibleNo
Door TypeGlass Window
Flush Installation ApprovedYes
Handle ColorStainless Steel
Handle MaterialMetal
ADA CompliantADA Height and Operation Compliant
Depth20 3/8
Height18 5/16
Width23 7/16
Cutout Depth19 9/16
Cutout Height17 15/16
Cutout Width21 15/16

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