15" Jenn-Air Custom Induction Cooktop - JIC4715GS

Category : Cooktops


Key Features


Induction Technology : Cooks like gas, looks like electric, outperforms both. By converting cookware into the heat source, induction technology gives you fast, efficient and outstanding cooking power.

Induction Bridge Element : Expands the cooking surface by combining two induction elements into one larger, oval-shaped element for use with longer cookware such as griddles or Dutch ovens.

Flexible Induction Elements : These elements offer the flexibility to cook using different sizes of cookware on the same element.

Glass-Touch Electronic Controls : Intuitive controls are highly responsive to a light touch, increasing usability while making it easy to clean the cooking surface.

Pan Detection : A sensor detects your cookware before enabling an element. When it is removed, the element automatically switches off after 30 seconds.

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