22" Panasonic 1.6 Cu. Ft. Strainless Steel Microwave - NNSD786S

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Panasonic 1.6 Cu. Ft. Strainless Steel Microwave NNSD786S 

Panasonic Inverter

 Technology perfects the art of
cooking with microwave ovens, delivering delicious
flavor, excellent colour, and superb shape and texture
in the foods you cook. The consistent delivery of
microwave energy means delicate foods can simmer
without the edges and surfaces overcooking. Foods
have the look and taste of conventional-oven cooking
without the wait!

Unlike other microwave ovens, Inverter

provides an always-on, constant energy flow − then
variably adjusts the intensity for each meal selection.
Other ovens try to create lower energy levels by using
the same maximum power all the time, but repeatedly
turning it on and off. Panasonic's consistent and
precise heat means you can cook, reheat or defrost
foods without overcooking edges. You'll enjoy
delicious, healthy cooking results, and all in less time!

Achieve Maximum
Cooking Results in
Minimum Time

Select Panasonic microwave ovens feature 1,250 W -
1,300 W high power settings to help you achieve
maximum cooking results in minimum time, while
helping to preserve the nutritional value of many

Fast Cooking Equals
Healthy Foods

The cooking power and performance of a Panasonic
Inverter Microwave oven has produced significant
increases in nutrient levels of certain foods, when
compared to other cooking methods such as boiling
and steaming. Not only will your food be ready fast, it
will also contain the healthy nutrients you expect. Data used is a result of Cornell University's Dept. of Nutritional Sciences
Study using Panasonic Microwave Ovens vs. Traditional cooking methods.

Inverter Turbo Defrost
Panasonic has succeeded in evolving the Turbo
Defrost feature, which allows you to defrost foods even
faster than previous Panasonic Auto Defrost.
Panasonic Inverter Turbo Defrost technology is an
advanced microwave sequencing system using the
continuous delivery power feature of the Inverter

Easy OperationOne-Touch Genius Sensor Cook and Reheat
The Genius Prestige

 Sensor adjusts power levels and calculates cooking and reheating times
automatically for various food types.

Sleek Control Panel with Blue
LED Display

The silver button control panel, illuminated
neon blue spin dial and generous 6-digit
expanded LED display provide a high-end
look and an effortless navigation
experience in the kitchen.

Menu Action

The Menu Action Screen is like having a
gourmet chef to assist you in the kitchen.
It scrolls step-by-step cooking instructions
across the display in a choice of English,
Spanish, or French.

Keep Warm Feature
A pulsing delivery of very low microwave
power keeps the temperature of your food
at a constant level without overcooking.
Our improved keep-warm menu now
includes five items, so food like stew,
gravy and desserts can stay warm in the
oven until you are ready to serve.

Microwave Type Countertop Microwave with Trim Kit Option
Total Capacity 1.6 cu.ft.
Wattage 1200
Convection No
Turntable Yes
Door Opening Push Button
Trim Kit Option Yes
Height 12"
Width 22"
Depth 19 1/2"

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